Advanced Stem Cytokine Therapy is the latest and most advanced scientifically proven method to combat the signs of facial and eyelid wrinkles, acne scars, balding, stretch marks, cellulite, body wrinkles, sun damage & discoloration. This revolutionary new discovery unlocks and amplifies the bio-signals of stem cells by sending a message to cells to build fresh healthy skin!

The stem cytokines used in this therapy are robust pristine proteins combined with cytokine peptides and growth factors and when applied they saturate the cell receptors in the skin. This exciting new therapy has virtually no downtime. Desired results are achieved with stimulation, not inflammation.

Advanced Stem Cytokine Therapy is a cost effective solution to combat the signs of aging. The result of this therapy is superior skin rejuvenation through better science.

What to Expect: No preparation before treatment is required. After the procedure is complete, the client will display slight redness. Makeup, moisturizers and sunblock may be applied 90 minutes after the procedure.  The client may notice an improvement in the quality and appearance of their skin within the first 24 hours.

 More than one treatment is required to achieve the results of improved cellular matrix resulting in firmer skin, diminished wrinkles, tighter skin, and loss of acne scarring and stretch marks.