Currently not accepting new clients for permanent makeup. 
We are maintaining permanent makeup services to our existing clients who have their permanent makeup done by us in the last 3 years. Appointment slots for 2021 permanent makeup are filled. At this time, we are accepting new clients for our skin care, skin tightening and laser services.

Permanent Makeup, also referred to as Permanent Cosmetics is a medically perfected technique which implants small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to achieve natural enhancements of the eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner. Poorly shaped or missing eyebrows, sparse eyelashes, and faded lips make a woman look weak, tired, and older. The services Clear Choice Beauty provides can make you look brighter, stronger, younger, and more alluring. 

Permanent Makeup is perfect for changing the size/shape/color of lips, those with allergies to cosmetics, the visually impaired who have difficulty applying cosmetics, adding style shape and fullness to the brows, natural eyeliners to add definition to the eyes or a little drama, the active swimmers/skiers/runners/etc. and those who want beauty with ease. 

Paramedical uses for permanent cosmetics include: scar camouflage, areola restoration, hairline enhancement, alopecia areata, and loss of facial features due to trauma or disease. Asymmetrical facial features are also corrected through permanent cosmetics, making them appear more balanced.

Did you know MEN can benefit from permanent makeup?  Hair pore simulation for scalps and beards is available;  as well as scar camouflage for hypopigmentation.

Permanent Eyebrows | Warwick, NY | Clear Choice Beauty

Eyebrows frame the face and show expression.  If your brows are thin or sparse, they can be naturally designed for true beauty with ease, giving you the confidence you deserve.  This procedure and all permanent makeup procedures is especially beneficial to people with alopecia or visually impaired people.

Permanent Lip Color | Warwick, NY | Clear Choice Beauty

Lip liner and full lip color can make your lips appear fuller and younger looking.  With permanent lip color you can also apply conventional lipstick over it, to give it a different look during the day or at night.  No more reapplying lipstick all day long!

Permanent Eyeliner | Warwick, NY | Clear Choice Beauty

Eyeliner can be applied along the lash line, making your eyes look brighter and your lashes look fuller.  Pigment is applied thinly for a natural look, or thicker for a more dramatic look.  A variety of pigment colors are available to complement your eyes!

Scalp Micropigmentation | Warwick, NY | Clear Choice Beauty

Sparse or thinning hair? Scalp Pigmentation is the ultimate in non-surgical male and female scalp grooming; an incredible life-changing treatment where natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands – depending on your hair loss extent, and desired look.


There are many different reasons why you got your tattoo but only one reason for getting your tattoo removed.  Simply… you do not want it anymore and feel your life would be better without it!  Perhaps your tattoo didn’t meet with your expectations or desired results. 

Here at Clear Choice Beauty we strive to offer to advanced methods of tattoo removal that are both cost effective and efficient. Our removal method involves a similar process as when you received your original tattoo or permanent makeup.

Clear Choice Beauty is located in Warwick NY in Orange County; we serve clients from Warwick, Middletown, Peekskill, Tarrytown, New York and surrounding areas.
Additionally we serve communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania